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New For The 2016 Holiday Season:
Santa's Reindeer Story Book
How The Reindeer Got Thier Names
 Reindeer Promotions
 Produced By:
Available For Purchase 
            *To Santa Claus Performers~ *Shopping Malls
            *Tree Farms~ *Holiday Festivals and More...
Beautifully Illustrated Hardcover Book
Premier Santa Sleighs Rent

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Holiday Theme

Reindeer Sleigh Rides

Reindeer For Film-Theatre & Special Events 

 Reindeer For Motion Pictures

Mountain Man & Reindeer

 Reindeer For Winter Festivals

Reindeer For Petting Zoos & Zoo Exhibits

 Raindeer for Zoo Exhibits

We Offer a Large Selection of Reindeer for Rental for your Zoo Exhibit or Petting Zoo & Shopping Malls.

Large Selection of Santa Sleighs~For Sale or Rent

Two Piece Santa Claus Chair:
This whimsical chair is made up of two pieces, which can be quickly fastened with two bolts for easy assembly and disassembly.

When assembled, the chair measures 69″ H x 47″ W x 23″ D, and is sturdy enough to support up to five adults easily.

Disassembled, the chair measures only 28″ high, and will fit through any door opening. The chair’s back is also removable, allowing easy transport via a van, SUV, pickup truck, or trailer.

Santa Claus Chair Rentals

Santa Claus Chairs For Sale

Call 585-340-7969

Authentic Looking Santa and Mrs. Claus Performers

 Holiday Performers 

 Holiday Performers and Models

 Holiday Display's

 Dec.  2016 Seegrid Corp. Pittsburgh PA

 Commercials and  Motion Picture Props

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